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“relax it’s only art” is a video production company born in a new age. We have a global network of top creative talent ready to work directly on your project. And like them, we don’t believe that high quality has to come with a high price tag. That’s our promise to you.


Back in the day, a well-produced video could run into the hundreds of thousands.
That was then. Now thanks to ‘relax’ you can get the best talent worldwide without having to pay the highest rates. How’s this possible? Simple. We don’t have huge overheads, like flash offices. So the money you spend ends up on screen in front of your consumer, not paying for the latest coffee machines.


There was a time when even simple video productions would take months. In our view that’s far too long for a fast changing market. So typically our production timings, from initial briefing to final production would be weeks. And if you desperately need it in a week, we can do that too. In fact, we have.

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Video is now a must have for businesses, especially as more and more marketing moves online and onto mobile. Excellent video is a primary way to elevate your brand. In this rapidly evolving world of smartphones and tablets, video is an essential tool to get your message heard. It dramatically improves the likelihood that when a prospective customer searches for your company it will appear in the top results.
World-class advertising and video creation has, until now, been the preserve of huge corporations with large marketing departments and deep pockets.
Not anymore.
‘relax’ brings the same levels of quality you might expect from a top flight advertising agency, for half the price in a fraction of the time.
We don’t know of any SME who wants to stay small forever. That’s why we created ‘relax’.
We’re a new video production company for a new world.

More than anything we care deeply about helping to grow your business, simply because we care about growing ours.

When people think of stock footage they normally think cheap and boring. Well that’s where ‘relax’ differs.
The fact is, everything that is expensive to shoot has already been shot.
So we’ve teamed up with the very best visual talent from around the world – videographers, designers, editors, – you name it, we’ve got it.
The result is powerful video at a fraction of the expected cost.
What we don’t have are expensive overheads, so you don’t get expensive bills.

What we do

  • Video production from initial creative script to final product
  • Video for online and offline
  • Explainer videos for websites
  • Visual content for trade shows and internal presentations
  • Mood videos for new business pitches
  • Logo animations
  • Concepts and execution for outdoor advertising

If your competition has a video and you don't, the competition wins.


Graphics & After Effects
Social media marketing
Copywriting & Creative concepts
Video production
Brand development
Digital marketing
Outdoor advertising

What our clients say

  • This is a one-stop-shop. they write, create, amend and produce video, all from a quick one hour brief. It's great.
    CEORichard RabinsAlpha Software
  • You can spend a hell of a lot more on production and I guarantee you won't get a better looking video.
    Marketing ManagerLisa FlynnLet By Text
  • The tech sector is often hard to explain which can be boring. These guys made it look easy.
    Neville BruwerTotal Web Management