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If the competition has video and you don’t, the competition wins.

It’s that simple and that scary. With more and more people searching online and on mobile devices, a business video is a must have for anyone who wants to rank. I mean, who the hell wants to read tiny copy on a mobile phone? Now here’s the real problem. Sure, business is everywhere. You can find it more easily than at any other time in history. Just go online. So far so good. But how do you reach them? Well, […]

How to brand your video without burning your communication?

Ah, the eternal questions. How much branding is too much? And is my video sufficiently well branded? These are age-old questions that frankly demand age-old answers. If the content of your video communication is powerful and utterly relevant to your brand, then you can probably get away with having just a logo at the end. Of course it helps if your product or service is well known. Look at any recent Nike commercial. You may see a glimpse of the […]

How to inform your audience without acting as a sleeping tablet?

Some services and products are complex. If yours is easily explained, you’re lucky. But, for example, if your product has been designed by the best brains at MIT and ideally takes a PhD in Physics to fully understand, then you have to explain it. Not easy. This normally takes the form of a tutorial video that inevitably has a talking head doing his or her level best to make it simple enough for ordinary mortals to grasp. Problem is, this […]

A short lesson in how to write a brief.

If you’re a client, the single most important thing you can do to ensure you get the creative result you want, is to write a good brief. This is easier said than done. Most clients, naturally enough, are in deeply involved with their product or service. And it’s human nature to want to tell the world all about it. Resist this temptation at all costs. When sitting down to write your brief, look at it from your consumers’ point of […]