How to brand your video without burning your communication?

Ah, the eternal questions. How much branding is too much? And is my
video sufficiently well branded?

These are age-old questions that frankly demand age-old answers.

If the content of your video communication is powerful and utterly relevant to your
brand, then you can probably get away with having just a logo at the end.

Of course it helps if your product or service is well known.

Look at any recent Nike commercial. You may see a glimpse of the famous swoosh in the
middle, but that aside, it’s not ‘heavily branded’ in the traditional sense.
But it is very well branded. Their style and tone all scream Nike, without having to

So much so that it doesn’t even need to say the name at the end.  You just get the
‘swoosh’. That’s when you know you’ve done a good job of building an image.

But if your communication is weak and generic, if the message is stale and hackneyed,
then to hell with aesthetics and have your logo on all the time.

Of course it will drive your viewers from their seats, but at the very least, they’ll
know who’s annoying them. Which is marginally better than them not knowing at all.

So the message is this. If your commercial is memorable and relevant, people will
attach your message to your name.

If it’s not, they won’t. No matter how many times they see your name.

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