How to inform your audience without acting as a sleeping tablet?

Some services and products are complex.

If yours is easily explained, you’re lucky.

But, for example, if your product has been designed by the best brains at MIT and ideally takes a PhD in Physics to fully understand, then you have to explain it.

Not easy.

This normally takes the form of a tutorial video that inevitably has a talking head doing his or her level best to make it simple enough for ordinary mortals to

Problem is, this can be extremely dull.

To avoid this problem, you need to do three things.

Find a really good talking head. Chances are that the brain behind the project is not your best bet. The camera scares everyone, even the brightest.

Write a good script. By which I mean, tell a story. Explain why this is relevant,
rather than just reeling off tons of facts. Use metaphors to underscore the role this might play in your viewer’s life.

Cut frequently from your talking head to compelling images that dramatise the story, the ‘why’ of your product or service.

Because unless your talking head is a Brad Pitt or a Natalie Portman, your audience will thank you.

They might even learn something.

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